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Add Web Parts to DispForm, EditForm or NewForm.aspx

Posted 09Dec08 by Erwin in Setup

One of the users of our SharePoint project asked if it was possible to show an “Item List” on the “View Item” page.

My first reaction was: “Of course it is, add a Web Part displaying the “Item List” to the page and we’re done”.

But when I browsed to the “View Item” page and clicked the “Site Actions” I noticed that there wasn’t an “Edit Page” option available. Strange, but after some -Googling- I found the following sollution:

  • Open IExplorer and navigate to your “View Item” page (DispForm.aspx)
  • Replace everything in the URL after “?ID=#“ with “&PageView=Shared&ToolPaneView=2″ (without the quotes of course) and press <Enter>

After adding a Web Part to the page and saving it, the “Edit Page” option will be available the next time you click “Site Actions” on that Page.

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18 Responses

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  3. bekir


  4. spuser

    I noticed that any web parts added don’t allow connections between them

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  6. ali

    Really thanks

  7. Dharampal

    Great thing !!!

  8. Joseph Antony

    Cool Man!!Nice finding

  9. bparsons

    Has anyone else found that dropping a web part on the Edit form causes it to break?

    I wanted to add some show/hide script as I do on the New form, but the Edit form gets a really funky format and does a lot of complaining about navigating away from the page and in the end will not save any changes. Total meltdown.

    Our environment is kind of ‘special’ so I’m curious to know whether this behavior occurs for anyone else.

  10. Thilde

    I wanted to do the same, and I notice that too …
    I succesfully added my script to the Edit form (fighting with messages as : “the content has changed …”). But then, when I edit an element, the page is in shared mode and I can’t save it.

    Has anybody got an idea of what is happening?

    By the way for the New form that’s a good trick!! Thanks!

  11. Mani Subramanian

    Cool one. No need to use SPD. Thanks for the invention

  12. RiskBiz

    I had a meltdown. Accidentally removed the top portion of the DispForm page under the “View Item” of a list. Now clicking on “View Item” it goes back to the front page of the entire site. Hover over the item title in the list view, I see The “DispForm.aspx” has disappeared. Question:

    1. How do i fix the view item link for a list, adding back the dispform.aspx? I have tried modifying the property of the list (supporting files –> Display items from) and no avail.

    2. How do i add back the top portion, view item details in the DispItem page for that list? If I remove other web parts (webparts), I can find it in “Closed Web Parts” section but not the top portion that displays the detail of an item.

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

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  14. abhinow kumar

    sir can we add webparts in picture library slide show view

  15. Bob E

    Good information here erwin, I found as a result of our friends at Bing. There are so many hidden features in Sharepoint i always appreciate to learn more,

  16. Michael Freitas

    Thanks Dude!
    This article helped a lot!

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